This is where I will be planning a possible campaign and it's setting that I hope to some day run. Any comments or criticisms are very welcome. It will be a dark(ish) fantasy setting, based mostly on 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons cosmology. Just about everything from the 4E books will have a place here, with a few notable exceptions. 

I'll be adding stuff here as I think of it, and it will hopefully evolve from a random jumble of delusional rantings into something coherant and enjoyable!


 The concept behind "Age of Ruin"

A handful of young lords ride out from Kingspire, the CIty of Dreams. They seek to unite a kingdom riven by deceit and treachery.

The players take on the roles of highborn lordlings, and one plays the crown prince of the land. The others are his closest companions, young lords raised at court alongside the prince since birth for various reasons (as a fosterling or hostage are the most common). All share the magical ability that is exclusive to the nobility, but to varying degrees.

Players will be allowed the full range of character classes and races, including those from the MM and other sources (though not other settings without good reason).

For example, while a human swordmage might be the standard choice for young lords across the realm, if a player chose to play a minotaur barbarian they would simply be the child or nephew of a barbarian king who owes allegiance to the throne, sent to foster within the king's household as a hostage. See the Player Characters section for more details about what players should expect.

Players will be encouraged to either choose a pre-described House to belong to, or to make one up from scratch, including heraldry, lands, NPCs, traditions etc. I'll write up a few houses I've already thought of soon.

Age of Ruin